[rt-users] showing priority on search-result page?

clarsson at manu.com clarsson at manu.com
Thu Feb 14 13:49:29 EST 2002


{ Header => 'Priority',
  TicketAttribute => 'Priority'

into the config.pm in the appropriate section.

There's info in the docs about adding the due date to the primary search 
return.  Adding Priority was the same.

Be sure to restart your web server so that mod_perl rereads the config.pm.

        - Chris

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        Subject:        [rt-users] showing priority on search-result page?

what is the best way to show the priority on a search-result page?  i
order the search by priority but it'd be nice to see the value.  i got
as far as QueueListingCols in WebRT/html/Search/Listing.html and
thought i'd ask before i hack my install to bits.  thx!


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