[rt-users] two domains, one RT?

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Mon Feb 18 11:28:51 EST 2002

  |+ I'd like to setup RT for two projects I support - www.hylafax.org and 
  |+ www.tpc.int. I normally host everything from these two domains on one server, 
  |+ and so I'm wondering how practical it's going to be to have two separate RT 
  |+ installations running on the same box.
  |+ Are there any alternatives to installing RT twice, in 
  |+ 	/usr/local/rt2-hylafax/
  |+ 	/usr/local/rt2-tpc/
  |+ complete with two separate databases?

What you could do is sym-link most of the directories, and just maintain
unique config.pm files.

As for the databases, you're going to have to run two databases, but not
have to run two different database servers.

In the config.pm, just specific one database as 'rt2-hylafax' and the
second as 'rt2-tpc' and create both databases, etc.


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