[rt-users] two domains, one RT?

Darren Nickerson darren at dazza.org
Mon Feb 18 12:11:13 EST 2002

>>>>> On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, "Darrin" == Darrin Walton wrote:

  Darrin> |+ DW> What you could do is sym-link most of the directories, and
  Darrin> |+ DW> just maintain unique config.pm files.
  Darrin> |+
  Darrin> |+ You can only do this if you do not run under mod_perl.  Mod_perl
  Darrin> |+ shares everything, and the first config.pm to get loaded will stay
  Darrin> |+ in effect.  You need to use fast_cgi for this.

  Darrin> mod_perl shares everything, yes.  But if you are running two
  Darrin> different instances of Apache, then this should be fine.  I do it
  Darrin> here.


I'm only running one apache, using NameVirtualHosting. 

<VirtualHost ###.###.##.###>
ServerName support.tpc.int
ServerAdmin tpcadmin at info.tpc.int
ErrorLog logs/support.tpc.int-error_log
TransferLog logs/support.tpc.int-access_log
DocumentRoot /usr/local/rt2/WebRT/html
PerlModule Apache::DBI
PerlRequire /usr/local/rt2/bin/webmux.pl
<Location />
 SetHandler perl-script
 PerlHandler RT::Mason

My knowledge of mod-perl is weak . . . if I install two instances of RT
(avoiding symlinking for now) can I even make THAT work?

Thanks for the replies thus far.


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