[rt-users] RT Statistics Package

Marcus Ramberg marcus.ramberg at songsolutions.no
Tue Feb 19 11:10:26 EST 2002

On 19-02-02 15:04, "Simon Cozens" <rt at netthink.co.uk> wrote:

> Attached is a simple statistics package for RT. I'm planning on releasing
> further versions with more complex data available in the future, but I
> think this is cool enough to release for now. Simply drop it into your
> RT HTML tree, and go to http://rt/Statistics/
> For shiny shiny graphs, you'll need the Apache::GD::Graph module installed
> as $rturl/graph but if you don't want that, just dike out all the lines which
> refer to "$url". (This will make the time-to-resolve scatter graph a bit
> useless, though.)
> Thanks to Oxford University Computing Services for letting me develop and
> distribute this.

Very nice package, it looks great here, including the graphs.
Now I only have to put on the menu bar, and I can impress the suits ;)

Just had to say how much I love this ;)


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