[rt-users] Action NotifyCc or similar.

Scott A. McIntyre scott at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 20 01:31:11 EST 2002


One of the interesting side effects of our deployment of RT has been
that the myriad of ways people prefer to handle mail is becoming an
issue; some people want to be notified of every transaction in a queue,
some people don't want any email and only want the web interface, other
people want emails  only when they're the owner of a ticket and so on...

I'm working on a way of combining all these possibilities, but something
that would make it a lot easier would be an Action that could NotifyCc
for a queue, or something akin to that -- I'm poking around now to see
if there's an easy way to do this, but if someone has already done it,
or has some pointers on precisely where to look (SendEmail.pm seems to
have most of the right hooks, but the /Elements and /Admin/Queues bits
don't) it would be appreciated.

Any other thoughts on how best to manage this would good as well...



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