[rt-users] Tweaking the UI (Fast Resolve & Index)

Scott A. McIntyre scott at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 20 10:52:07 EST 2002


I'm just starting to delve into tweaking RT's UI a bit -- two things
that have come up that would be handy are:  1)  A "FastResolve" that
marks a ticket as Resolved without adding any comments, basically, a
one-click option on the Ticket Summary page that would immediately flag
a message as dealt with.  At the moment everything goes through
Update.html as an Action of type Comment.  2)  When on a ticket summary,
to have a link that immediately takes you to the queue index for the
queue that ticket is in.  It seems now the only way to do this is to go
back to the start and down a level.

Anyone already done this?  In the first case it looks like the Tabs and
Update.html would need to be modified for the extra option.  As for the
second, probably something similar for the Tabs.

Sound about right?  

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