[rt-users] rtname ticket tags

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Wed Feb 20 16:05:34 EST 2002

On 20 Feb 2002, Justin Clayton wrote:

> Another piece of the puzzle:
> Also using the old rtname is the <title> of each page ($Title in
> WebRT/html/Elements/Header). It appears that on line 57, $Title is
> assigned a value that uses $RT::rtname. Is this different from $rtname
> in config.pm? It appears that it is, since it's reporting a different
> value than what actually appears in config.pm...

The variables in config.pm get imported into $RT:: space, so $rtname in
config.pm == $RT::rtname.  (repeat for the incorrectly spelt $Organization
;) )

Looking through the code, the subject tags are always generated from
$RT::rtname, hence a change to config.pm and a restart of apache cannot
produce the behaviour you are describing.  (rtname isn't read from the

Now, mod_perl caches an astounding amount of data, so when someone says
'restart apache', whats actually meant is 'stop apache completely, make
sure no httpd processes are running, have a cup of coffee, start apache'.
The behaviour that you are describing (assuming that all of your updates
which use the incorrect $rtname have been via the web interface) *could*
be occuring through mod_perl caching, which is not cleared out by a simple
'apachectl restart'.

If that doesn't fix it (and apologies for having to repeat the bleeding
obvious), blow away the files in the WebRT/data and WebRT/html
directories, completely restart apache again and see how that goes.

Failing *that*, can't help you; you have a really bizarre problem.  See
Jesse for consulting rates, or reinstall.

> 206/543.2523  EE/CSE 307F

According to that format, my phone number is 205/354.444, which looks even
more like a broken CIDR expression.

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