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Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
Thu Feb 21 15:23:08 EST 2002

Hmmm, one thing I noticed:  the "time to resolution" page isn't drawing a
graph.  I checked the underlying html and saw a url for a graph, but it was


(Yes, it really says ampersand-amp-semicolon.)  Has anyone seen anything
like this?  I looked at the code that produces this, but all I could do was
scratch my head:

% my $url = '/chart?type=lines&x_labels=[';
% $url .= join ",", @{ shift @data };
% $url .= ']&';
% $url .= 'y_number_format=&';
% for (0..$#data) {
%  $url .= "data".(1+$_)."=[".(join ",", @{$data[$_]})."]&";
% }
% chop $url;
<IMG SRC="<% $url %>">

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I concur, very very nice! 
One slight clarification to Jim's comment on the webserver configuration: 
If you really do use the *exact* configuration statements in the perldoc for
Apache::GD::Graph, you will need to edit each .html file in the Statistics
directory so that they define their urls in the pattern
$my_url = '/chart/blahblah' 
instead of 
$my_url = $RT::WebURL.'/chart/blahblah' 
Which will allow other stuff on your server to use the charting functions
without having "rt" in the url. 
The other option, of course, is to frob slightly the webserver configuration
so that it uses "/rt/chart" as the location instead of just "/chart" as
listed in the perldoc.
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> On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 06:04, Simon Cozens wrote: 
> > Attached is a simple statistics package for RT. I'm 
> planning on releasing 
> > further versions with more complex data available in the 
> future, but I 
> > think this is cool enough to release for now. Simply drop 
> it into your 
> > RT HTML tree, and go to http://rt/Statistics/ 
> Very, very nice. A bit of work to install the 
> Apache::GD::Graph bit as I 
> had to snag a half-dozen other modules to satisfy the 
> dependencies, but 
> after installing the modules (and copying the config from `perldoc 
> Apache::GD::Graph` into my server's config), it's working quite well. 
> Oh, and I changed line 91 of CallsMultiqueue.html to: 
> % my $url = "$RT::WebPath/chart?type=lines&x_labels=["; 
> ...which should be suitable for all. 
> Thanks for sharing your excellent work! 
> --j, looking forward to frobbing this code endlessly. 
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