[rt-users] rt2 mailgate causes Perl "require" errors, tho ticket gets entered

Chris Shenton Chris.Shenton at hq.nasa.gov
Fri Feb 22 11:06:28 EST 2002

On 21 Feb 2002, Chris Shenton wrote:

>   syntax error at (eval 60) line 1, near "require Mail::Mailer::/var/"

Bruce Campbell <bruce_campbell at ripe.net> writes:

> You have '/var/' in your RT config.pm somewhere, possible as part of
> $MailCommand or $SendmailArguments.

That's it!  I'm using qmail and figured I had to specify the path to
it's "sendmail wrapper":

    $MailCommand = '/var/qmail/bin/sendmail';

But I was concerned that it without the full path, it would find the
olde, stock sendmail.  So how do I specify the path to the wrapper in
/var/qmail/bin/sendmail? Later in the config.pm, it says:

    # !! If you did not # select 'sendmailpipe' above, this has no effect!!
    $SendmailPath = "/usr/sbin/sendmail";

And since I'm not using sendmailpipe I can't change it here.

Sorry if I'm being dense, I'm just not clear on this.


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