[rt-users] question about requestors - using something other than e-mail address?

Stuart Krivis ipswitch at apk.net
Mon Feb 25 15:21:16 EST 2002

The current ticketing system I am dealing with is pretty awful, but it does 
have one useful feature - it allows tracking tickets by customer #.

Our billing system is pretty much the canonical datasource for customer 
info, so it would be very helpful to be able to link tickets to a specific 
customer number. (We also allow creation of tickets from the billing system 
and then display any tickets there too, but that's a separate issue.)

Just as an example, there might be several e-mail addresses that are valid 
for contacts at ABC Co. ABC has a leased line from us, as well as other 
services. We need some way to be able to track tickets associated with the 
customer, and prehaps even with specific services (which get a unique 
number in the billing system).

The master account might be 12345. The leased line is 12345A. Their web 
site is 12345B and so on.

If their web site goes down, we'd want tickets to be opened on 12345B.

Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to handle this type of thing? 
I have this feeling that there's any easy answer. :-)



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