[rt-users] question about requestors - using something other than e-mail address?

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 04:12:33 EST 2002

Yesterday Stuart Krivis wrote:

> ... it would be very helpful to be able to link tickets to a specific
> customer number.  Just as an example, there might be several e-mail
> addresses that are valid for contacts at ABC Co. ... We need some way
> to be able to track tickets associated with the customer
> Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to handle this type of
> thing?

I haven't tried this myself (yet?), but I noticed that config.pm can
have functions CanonicalizeAddress() and LookupExternalUserInfo()

Could you use these to link together the different e-mail addresses, so
that RT treats them as the same user whichever address is used?


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