[rt-users] RT 2.0.11, FreeBSD and perl 5.6 port

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Tue Feb 26 09:50:17 EST 2002

On 27 Feb 2002, Matthew Enger wrote:

> I am attempting to install RT 2.0.11 on a FreeBSD box (4.4-RELEASE). I
> have installed the perl 5.6 port and installed all the modules under
> that perl install. make testdeps is reporting everything ok. (and it is
> checking the correct perl).
> I have a fresh copy of apache with mod perl (compiled off the perl 5.6)
> and every time I load apache, I get:
> # ./apachectl start
> Segmentation fault - core dumped.
> ./apachectl start: httpd could not be started.

You still have old 5.003 libraries somewhere.  Find them, kill them, then
restart apache.  This is especially the case if you upgraded to 5.6.1 as a
result of CPAN including it as a dependency for some of RT's dependencies.

> Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to fix this?

Took me an hour to reinstall the dependencies over a modem (home machine)
once the above had been done.  FreeBSD comes default with 5.003, and
mod_perl just does not like the old libraries.

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