[rt-users] Who owns WebRT?

Ian D ian at assv.net
Thu Feb 28 02:55:18 EST 2002

Bruce Pea <pea at andrewpea.com> writes:

> Can someone please tell me who owns the files in WebRT? 

On my system, it's a good mix of rt:rt, ian:ian, and ian:local.

> Why can't it find the file... it's right where it's supposed to
> be!!! Are my directory rights screwed up. Right now WebRT has 755.

What are the permissions on WebRT/html/Admin/ ?

An easy permission test is to go to WebRT/html/, and su to the user
your webserver is running as. Try to read the files that the webserver's
barfing on.

/Ian D
ian at assv.net

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