[rt-users] unpriv users... SelfService problems...

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at agestado.com.br
Thu Feb 28 14:34:58 EST 2002


I was experiencing the following problem:

- a unprivileged user was able to login into the
system, but all the links at SelfService page seems
not working, reopening the same page, even
the Logout link...

I was able to find similar problems in the list
but not a clue for a solution... Well, I think
that now I'm able to share with the list at least
a clue and a work around:

I found that in the problematic system, the variable:


have one extra slash (/) in the begining of the 
string... I don't know why...

I first thought that was a bug in the version of the 
Mason library, but that wasn't the case...  I have 
two instalations of RT 2.0.11 with the same version 
of the Mason library and one operates
correctly and the other with the error...

Well, to test if it is the case, one can add the
following lines to the begining of the <%INIT> section
of the autohandler:

print STDERR "teste de base_comp ";
print STDERR $m->base_comp->path,"\n";

then view the result at apache error log: 
(tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log)

My workaround was to modify two regular expressions
in the autohandler:


#if it's a noauth file, don't ask for auth.
  if ($m->base_comp->path =~ '^//NoAuth/') {

   # If the user isn\'t privileged, they can only see SelfService
       if ((! $session{'CurrentUser'}->Privileged) and
               ($m->base_comp->path !~ '^//SelfService/') ) {



Laboratório - Agência Estado

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