[rt-users] Links and Tickets and Actions, Oh My!

Swayne, Mark A mark.a.swayne at xo.com
Thu Feb 28 16:54:21 EST 2002

Can someone please help me get my head around how linking tickets in RT 2
We appear to have kinds of links:
* Parent/Child
* Depends On/Depended On
* Related to
* Merge
I wouldn't have included merge, if I hadn't read some old discussions on the
subject in the RT-Devel archives.
What I would like to know about each link type is:
Does this link type cause a change in how a ticket acts (eg, do any special
constraints or side effects closing a ticket apply as a result of this link)
?  How?
I got the impression that it is possible to tie Actions to link types.  I'm
really fuzzy on how this would work. Is this how particular behaviours are
associated with a link type?
Does anyone have a Linking for Dummies doc?
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