[rt-users] RT Performance, Hardware

Nate Amsden subscriptions at graphon.com
Tue Jul 2 12:07:19 EDT 2002

Manfred Hui said:
> By the way, please backup your data before playing with the
> indexes.

excellent! thanks! i'll see if i can try this today, i have
a 2nd rt installation thats on another DB server i can experiment
on with semi-recent data from the first installation.

where did you learn how to do that? someone on the list or was
there a doucment somwhere? last i checked the FAQ it mentioned
updating the schema but did not give any information on how to
do this. my last request on how to update the schema(month or
so ago) got no response.

thanks a lot for this!!


Nate Amsden
System Administrator
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