Mason 1.10 [Was [rt-users] error loading apache after installation on]

Harald Wagener hwagener at
Wed Jul 3 18:22:31 EDT 2002

Anton Krall wrote:
> Do you know if it is possible to change the email templates sent to the
> user to another language and such???

There is no localization feature in RT (yet). But You can easily customize
most of the interface texts of RT by putting translated Mason elments in Your
/path/to/rt2/local/WebRT/html directory. details can be found in the list

You can create Your own templates for automatic emails as well, in any
language You want. 

I18N-ing RT would be great, but complex to start. I have an almost complete
germanized tree for 2.0.11, so if anybody wants that, fell free to contact me. 

Harald Wagener*An der Alster 42*20099 Hamburg*
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