[rt-users] Install trouble: home page inaccessible

Putic, Mateja Mateja.Putic at DynCorp.com
Wed Jul 3 13:07:25 EDT 2002

Finished installing rt-2-0-13 under debian as directed by the documentation
(some tweaking was necessary..). Everything was ready to go when I go to the
home page and it looks like this:

<& /Elements/Header, Title=>"Start page", Refresh =>
$session{'home_refresh_interval'} &> <& /Elements/Tabs, current_toptab => ''
&> <& /Elements/CustomHomepageHeader, %ARGS &> <& /Elements/MyTickets &> 
<& /Elements/MyRequests &>  <& /Elements/Quicksearch &> 

<& /Elements/Refresh, Name => 'HomeRefreshInterval', Default => $session
{'home_refresh_interval'} &> 
<%init> if ($ARGS{'HomeRefreshInterval'}) {
$session{'home_refresh_interval'} = $ARGS{'HomeRefreshInterval'}; } 

...with a "GO" button. I get a feeling it's not looking for the database in
the right place. I tried sifting through config.pm and httpd.conf but
everything looks right to me.. all pointing to the right directories, users
exist and seem to have the right permissions... Any ideas? 

Much thanks,


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