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Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Sat Jul 6 03:40:21 EDT 2002

On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, Anton Krall wrote:

> I also have another question.. Dead tickets... Im trying to do a search
> on tickets.. And I cann see all.. Open, new, resolved but no dead :))
> how can I see what tickets are marked dead???
> Whenever I do a search and I input status = dead nothing comes up when
> in fact I know I have dead tickets...

( please remember to trim your replies to only the relevant bits in future )

The thinking behind it is that you don't want to be retrieving old 'dead'
issues through the normal UI.  If you do want to be able to do it, the
code which makes it happen is in lib/RT/Tickets.pm:

            #Make sure we _never_ show dead tickets
            #TODO we should be doing this in the where clause.
            #but you can't do multiple clauses on the same field just yet :/

            if ($Ticket->Status eq 'dead') {

Most times, when people are interested in 'dead' tickets, they're also on
the way to risking damage to their kneecaps by removing records from the
database[1], and have written/are using their own script to do so.

Jesse - the above gotcha seems to date from a workaround on an older
version of SearchBuilder; I don't think its still relevant, and could be
fixed in the newer releases more elegantly ;)


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[1] The code explains this reference ;)

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