[rt-users] Very slow sending email from RT.

James Satterfield JSatterfield at ciphergen.com
Thu Jul 11 14:06:32 EDT 2002

I've got RT2.0.13 running on RedHat7.3 using a postfix MTA. It appears that
every time RT must generate and send an email (oncreate autoreply, reply to
requestor, etc) it takes a good minute for RT to send the email. If it's a
reply to requestor, RT hangs for this minute after clicking submit. No other
actions appear to cause this hang. I've exhausted all my linux knowledge and
I'm not any closer to figuring this one out. Anyone see this before? Anyone
have some suggestions to where/what I should be looking at?

Not sure if this is of any importance, but this is a migrated RT
installation. I used to have rt 2.0.13 running on a FreeBSD box. Ran
flawlessly there. These hangs started after moving to a new machine.

James Satterfield
Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.

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