RES: [rt-users] Ignoring junk mail

Presciliano dos Santos Neto psneto at
Thu Jul 11 16:02:11 EDT 2002


Thanks for your response.

However, as I sometimes receive SPAM complaints in my queue, it would be
reject, so I'd like to filter messages based only in the To: and Cc: header
fields. I know this is not totally eficient, but would prevent many SPAMs.


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De: yan seiner [mailto:yan at]
Assunto: Re: [rt-users] Ignoring junk mail
> Hi,
> I've received a lot of junk mail at my RT queues, so I'd like to prevent
> Is
> possible to reject messages when the To: field do not match my queue's
> e-mail addresses ? Any other ideas ?

or mime-defang + spamassasin
or ask (
or (as in my case) spamassasin + ask

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