R: [rt-users] MIME parsing not recursive?

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 06:03:04 EDT 2002

On Friday Ferguson, Kevin wrote:

> > From: Smylers [mailto:smylers at gbdirect.co.uk]
> >
> >   * ... the mail has a media type of multipart/mixed, the first part
> >   of which has a media type of multipart/alternative, which in turn
> >   contains the actual message.  {$Transaction->Content()} is empty,
> >   so the forwarded mail appears to be messageless.
> Actually, this last combination of events works on my system.  ...
> The plain text diplsys just fine in the history section.  Along the
> right-hand border, I see a link to Download (untitled) 423b, which is
> the plain text, a link to Download (untitled) 1.1Kb, which is the html
> text, and a link for the attached word doc 75Kb.

Yes, I also get that: the plain text part is displayed fine in the
history section.  However, it _isn't_ included in messages sent out by
scrips activated by the arrival of such a mail.

Watchers receive mail with an apparently blank message content, but if
they go to the URL for the ticket they can see what the message should
have been.  (That however relies on the watchers realizing what has
happened, and not merely dismissing the message to them as spam.)


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