[rt-users] Installing on Redhat 7.2

Neil Bingham neil.bingham at pace.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 10:34:20 EDT 2002


> > > > I've been trying to install RT on Redhat Linux running 
> > > > Apache 1.3.23 without success.


After a week on holiday, and some other useful posts on this list I now have
an installed combination that doesn't give the Mason errors.  Turns out
Mason 1.02 and RT 2-0-13 work for me.  Hohum.

However I am now getting Internal Server Errors.  The Apache error log

[Mon Jul 15 15:25:12 2002] [error] Connect Failed Can't connect to local
MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
 at /usr/local/rt2/lib/RT.pm line 27

I can connect to the database using the mysql binary and the rt2 username
and password.  The config file has the correct username and password
specified (and apache has been stopped and restarted).

I am pretty confidant there isn't a general MySQL problem as we are running
Bugzilla on this server too.

RT is unfortunately not writing logs to /tmp as per the config file.  The RT
FAQ seems rather empty on this subject...



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