[rt-users] Installation: No RT user found. Please consult your RT administr ator.

Blackstone, J. David jdavid.blackstone at cingular.com
Tue Jul 16 17:09:18 EDT 2002

  I'm stuck at the installation step that says:

Now that you have RT installed, you must first change the RT root user's
password.  Root's default password is "password".

Not changing this is a security risk.

As root, type
# /path/to/rt2/bin/rtadmin --user=root --password="<newpassword>"

  Unfortunately, when I do this, I get a message that says:
No RT user found.  Please consult your RT administrator.

  I'm painstakingly searching through mailing list archives looking for the
solution.  I first find that this error message was added to prevent users
from a security hole where any user who could run the command line utilities
could break in.  I then find that several people got caught with the same
problem at some stage later in the process.  Many are directed to go to the
WebUI and add users.  I've found one person who was stuck at the same place
I am, and he was also directed to do the same thing.  There's a pointer to a
FAQ that also says to go into the WebUI and start configuring.

  Whoa!  I'm not at the stage where I can go into the web interface!  I'm
not trying to add users or anything like that.  I'm trying to just go
through the installation instructions and change this password.

  Of course, my first response (even before checking mailing lists) was to
just say, "I'll accept the security risk and change the password when I can
figure out how," and go on with it.  But I can't seem to log into the web
interface, either as root (with the supposed default password of "password"
or with the password I'm trying to set), or as rt_user.  [So even if adding
users and messing around with configurations were the appropriate action to
take at this stage, I can't get in anyway.]

  The only thing that I think is unique about my setup is that I am
installing in a pseudo user's directory.  I created a user rt of group rt.
Everything involved in my rt setup is owned by this user, including Perl,
mysql, and Apache.

  Do I need to rename this user?  (Why?)  Is there some other solution?

  Thanks in advance.


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