[rt-users] Installation: No RT user found. Please consult yo ur RT administr ator.

Blackstone, J. David jdavid.blackstone at cingular.com
Wed Jul 17 09:40:24 EDT 2002

  Okay, I started over from scratch, and had the same problem.  Here's a
complete log of my installation, including every assumption I made and every
little hack I had to make to avoid snags.  (And I mean _complete_: starting
with installing Perl.  You probably want to read the first paragraph and
skip to the end.  But just in case the problem is in my MySQL setup or
something, everything is included.)


  I've created a user rt, member of group rt.  Right now all he has is
a ~/src directory with all the things I need.  I'll be extracting all
these tarballs in ~/build.  I'm going to install each package into
it's on directory in $HOME, and then symlink $HOME/pkg/bin/* into

  First, I build Perl:
CC=gcc ./configure.gnu --prefix=$HOME/perl561 && make && make test &&
make install
I'm ignoring anything about suidperl for now.  It seems like this step
won't be necessary since I intend to run everything as the rt user.
(If it becomes necessary, I'd look into pointing scripts at perl
itself, or make a symbolic link from perl to suidperl and see if I can
run without the setuid bit.)

  Once Perl is installed, I go ahead and configure the CPAN module and
install, my favorite toys, just in case I need them later.
(Bundle::CPAN, Bundle::LWP, Bundle::DBI, Bundle::DBD::CSV,

  Now it's time to install mysql.  I am following the directions under
Docs/mysql.info -> Installing -> Installing source -> Quick install,
with some changes.  (Not creating a mysql user or group.)
./configure --prefix=$HOME/mysql

  Hold on: weirdness.  I can't remember if this happened or not.
"make[1]: *** No rule to make target `my_init.c', needed by
`my_init.lo'.  Stop."
$ find . -name my_init.c
$ cd mysys
$ make my_init.lo
$ cd ..
$ make # again
(seemed to work...moving on)
make install
(chown/chgrp commands omitted)
cp support-files/my-medium.cnf ~/mysql/share/mysql/my.cnf
$HOME/mysql/safe_mysqld --user=rt &

  Okay, on to Apache and mod_perl.  This is Apache 1.3.26, mod_perl
1.27.  They were current before the last time I blinked.
$ perl5.6.1 Makefile.PL APACHE_SRC=../apache_1.3.26/src USE_APACI=1
$ make && make test && make install
$ cd ../apache_1.3.26
$ make install

  Okay, now I've installed all the Stuff needed for rt, except for
some modules I'll install in a minute.  Presumably, nothing above
should affect my ability to get rt going.  It's all included here so
someone can tell me if it does, though.  Note that I didn't do
anything that wasn't recorded here.  (I haven't configured mysql other
than what I typed when installing it.  No accounts, passwords, or
anything.  There was a sentence in the rt install docs that said,
"Don't forget to setup permissions for your database," along with some
helpful info for (of all things) Postgresql (I'd rather use Postgresql
but am trying to use Mysql to make sure everything goes swimmingly.)
Not quite sure what this entails, and I've taken no action.  Sounds
like it just means allowing connections from anywhere besides
localhost, and I don't need that now, anyway.)

  So, proceeding on to rt itself.  I've got rt 2.0.13.

  I customize my Makefile in the following ways:
RT_PATH: /home/rt/rt2
DB_TYPE: mysql (default)
DB_HOME: /home/rt/mysql
DB_DBA: root
DB_DBA_PASSWORD: (left blank; remember, I didn't set up any accounts
or passwords)
DB_RT_USER: rt_user
DB_RT_PASS: I took note of this
PERL: /home/rt/bin/perl5.6.1

  Now I run make testdeps.  Obviously they're not all there, so I run
make fixdeps.  Make fixdeps is a beautiful thing, by the way.

  It said Scalar::Util was not detected even after make fixdeps, so I
installed it with perl5.6.1 -MCPAN -e 'install Scalar::Util'

  I proceeded to downgrade HTML::Mason to version 1.02.

  Now, everything seems to be ready, so I make install.
Enter the mysql password for root: (I'm leaving this blank)
Enter the mysql administrator's database password to create a new user for
Enter password: (blank again)
Enter the mysql administrator's database password to nondestructively
reload the database
Enter password: (blank)
Enter the mysql password for rt_user: password from Makefile
Checking for existing system user...not found.  This appears to be a
new installationCreating system user...done.
Can't write to '/home/rt/rt2/var/rt.log.31510.1002': No such file or
directory at /home/rt/perl561/lib/site_perl/5.6.1/Log/Dispatch/File.pm
line 72.
make: *** [insert] Error 2
Whoops, I'll have to mkdir -p /home/rt/rt2/var myself.  I do so, make
dropdb, and make install again.
Odd, when I make install again, I get:
cp: cannot create regular file `//home/rt/rt2/etc/acl.mysql': Permission
make: *** [acls] Error 1
The file already exists, so I delete it, make dropdb, and make install
Same problem with /home/rt/rt2/etc/insertdata.

  Okay, rt is successfully installed.  Now I
$ rtadmin --user=root --password=xyzzy
No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.
$ rtadmin
No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.

  What gives?  I pass "select * from Users where Name='root';" and get
something this time, at least.

mysql> select id, Name, Gecos from Users;
| id | Name      | Gecos |
|  1 | RT_System | NULL  |
|  2 | Nobody    | NULL  |
|  3 | root      | root  |
3 rows in set (0.01 sec)

  Since the function in rtadmin that's dying for me is something about
"look up user by Gecos," why do I have the feeling those NULL's mean
something for me?  And should there be an "rt_user" in there somewhere?

  Last time I did not have a root user, this time I do.  Last time I
had some weirdness in the database install and wound up adding my
rt_user by hand directly in mysql.  This time I didn't have that
weirdness and didn't take that action, so at least I seem to be

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