[rt-users] multiple email addresses for one person

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Fri Jul 19 14:23:28 EDT 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Phil Homewood wrote:

> boris.goldowsky at fen.com wrote:
> > I still think it would be a useful feature to allow the assignment of
> > multiple email addresses to a single user through the web interface,
> > though, so I don't have to maintain that information for each user in
> > the config file.
> A "middle ground" might be to have config.pm look up the details
> in a database; you'd have no web interface to it (unless you
> wrote one), but at least it wouldn't involve regular butchering
> of config.pm and web server restarts.....

Phil, I'm surprised at you.. as long as the code in config->Canonicalize
calls something else that is easier to maintain than config.pm itself,
you're set ;)

> I'm not sure whether multiple email addresses is a feature planned
> for the next major release; it has however been mentioned before.
> Jesse, if you're reading this, is it likely?

Looking at the RT bug list, I can see #797, #1171, and now 1548 on this
problem.  I think its on the way.

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