[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT 2.0.14

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Jul 19 23:26:18 EDT 2002

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of RT 2.0.14.  You can
download RT from http://www.bestpractical.com/.

A full changelog is included below, but the highlights are:

	* Support for the newly released HTML::Mason 1.1x series.
  	  (RT will still work just great with HTML::Mason 1.0x)

	* Easier installation for new users

	* "Bulk reply" - Thanks to sponsorship from the folks at DynDNS.org,
	  you can now directly comment and reply from RT's "Bulk Update" 

	* A number of minor bug fixes and enhancements



(For the conspiracy theorists out there, no, there's absolutely no connection 
 between this release and the fact that Perl 5.8.0, Debian 3.0, Ogg Vorbis 1.0
 and RT 2.0.14 all came out today)


	Shifted some config defaults to make things easier for new users

	RT now supports HTML::Mason 1.10, as well as 1.0.x. 
	Applied a patch from Ilya Martynov which allows make insert to work
	in a scenario where DESTDIR is being set to something funny This may 
	be necessary when installing into AFS

	Added a dependency on a recent enough version of CPAN.pm that 


	* RT's README is now clearer that the FastCGI handler is 
	production quality
	Fixing docs in Transaction.pm's Message method
	Fixed docs for cli to say that --limit-status=dead isn't a valid option

	Fixed a docs bug in Ticket->Import which didn't make it clear that 
	Import took an "Id" parameter and "Create" didn't.


	RT::Ticket::Import now lets you set the "Resolved" date
			Thanks to Sam Hartman	
	RT is now smarter about letting you do "or" searches on single-value
	keyword selections. 
			Thanks to Sam Hartman
	When a ticket has another merged into it, it now has its "LastUpdated" 
	date updated

	RT's logging now records more data and generates logs which are much
	easier to read
	RT::GroupMember was looking for the "ModifyGroups" right, when it 
	should have been looking for the "AdminGroups" right.
Web UI

	Now we properly strip long pathnames from attachments uploaded from 
	windows boxes.

	Fixed an html escaping bug in Ticket/Update.html which could have
	led to possible cross-site scripting issues.
			Thanks to Ivan Kohler

	RT now has better "don't record comments if the update is only a 
	signature" code. 
			Thanks to Rich Lafferty	

	Applied a patch which prevented NoAuth from not requiring 
	authentication on some FastCGI setups.
			Thanks to Rich Lafferty	

	RT now features "bulk reply/comment" functionality, which allows you to
	respond to a number of tickets at once from the "Bulk Update" page
	Added support for bulk comment/reply
			Sponsored by DynDNS.org	

Sending Email

	Added a check which only sets message precedence to bulk if it's not 
	already set, say by a template.
	Fixed a bug in mail sending that improperly quoted the usernames of 
	users who had " in their names.
			Thanks to Simon Cozens

	RT will now generate proper message ids if you've set $rtname
	to something that isn't a valid dns domain. 
			Thanks to Tabor Wells 

	A bug which prevented RT from notifying Ccs of a ticket if it had no
	requestors was fixed.

	The pseudo-list syntax in To: lines broke some mailers because it wasn't
	strictly RFC compliant.
			Thanks to Eric Mumpower

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