[rt-users] By-user reports for RT2

Kerrin Pine kpine at staff.chariot.net.au
Sun Jul 21 21:58:27 EDT 2002


I am looking for "by-user" reports for RT2 - eg. something similar to the 
rtreports package for RT1 - feed in a date range and view activity by user 
for the period (open/resolved/stalled tickets at beginning of period, 
activity during period, count at end, maybe a list of overdue tickets they 
own, that sort of thing).

Has anyone written anything?

(Yes, I've already searched the list archives, have spent literally hours 
searching for bits and pieces about reporting and RT in the past - a FAQ 
entry would be really helpful given how many times people ask for reports 
and statistics. Good to see the instructions for Simon's package there though.)


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