[rt-users] adding a Condition

Stuart Krivis ipswitch at apk.net
Tue Jul 23 17:20:10 EDT 2002

I want to add a Condition for "OnPriorityChange."

I modified Jesse's StatusChange.pm to be Prioritychange, but am having 
trouble with the insert script.

I tried modifying the script supplied with Jesse's OnQueueChange. I 
think the relevant section is:

# {{{ ScripConditions

my @ScripConditions = (
                         Name => 'OnPriorityChange',
                         Description =>  'When a ticket's Priority 
                         ApplicableTransTypes =>  'Set',
                         ExecModule => 'PriorityChange',


# }}}

When I run the script I get:

Substitution replacement not terminated at ./insert_condition.pl.1 
line 57.

57 is the "}," right after "ExecModule => 'PriorityChange'," in the 

What am I doing wrong? Too stupid to use RT? :-)

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