[rt-users] Minor change to /Ticket/Update.html

James Satterfield JSatterfield at ciphergen.com
Wed Jul 24 11:56:47 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it looks to be a bit beyond the scope of
my abilities.


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James Satterfield wrote:
> If at all possible, I'd love for the UI to show the real name next to 
> the email address whenever it displays an email address. I would think 
> this a trivial task, but wonder if it would break any time it had to 
> send an email.

It's not as trivial as it looks. At a glance, you'd need to duplicate the
EmailsAsString function in lib/RT/Watchers.pm to return the data in the form
you want; then duplicate RequestorsAsString and CCAsString in
lib/RT/Ticket.pm, then get Ticket/Update.html to call your new Ticket

On the plus side, this shouldn't break any email sending. :-)

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