[rt-users] Where has all my memory gone!

Ayan R. Kayal ayan.kayal at yale.edu
Thu Jul 25 07:58:18 EDT 2002

I was tinkering around with this number and ended up setting it to 100,
just because occasionally mod_perl slows everything to a crawl. I may
raise it to 500 to see what happens when I have time to test, as
lowering to 100 was a quick and dirty solution. I think originally it
was at 10,000, and that was way too much, because it definitely slows to
a crawl (tons of complaints after a few days of running it).

I believe the seg fault has something to do with compiling mod_perl. I
don't remember if it is a dynamic vs. static issue or what, because it's
been a year since I dealt with it. Maybe someone else can chime in, but
I believe it's in the mail archives as well.

Ayan Kayal
Hmedicine.com, Inc. 

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> Hi!
> I try for several weeks to tune my rt box. The problem is
> that after 1 or 2 days all the memory has been eaten by rt
> and the programm start to become slow.
> I already set the MaxRequestsPerChild to 1.500, but It helps 
> not really. 
> My question 
> 1.)is it okay to lower the number for example on 500?
> 2.)I see about 500 lines per day
> [Tue Jul 23 21:59:57 2002] [notice] child pid 28642 exit 
> signal Segmentation fault (11) Is it normal? Is it related to 
> my memory problem?

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