[rt-users] RT and Projects

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Sun Jul 28 13:00:24 EDT 2002

On Jun 6 Goldowsky, Boris wrote:

> lately I've been thinking about how best to track "projects"

We are also considering using 'RT' in such situations.

> ... fairly extensive work would need to be done to make it usable, for
> instance:

There's a number of things I'd been considering similar to what you

> 	- a view showing only top-level tasks (those without a parent),
> 	  which are the projects

That's just a customized version of the generic search page, and I'm not
expecting that to be too much work.

> 	- the abilty to operate on a project and its subtasks as a unit

The results of any search query can be iterated through with the
'first', 'next', 'prev' links and can be updated in bulk.  So this is
done for you if you can generate a search result set that includes just
the children of a specified ticket.

While there isn't a way of selecting like this currently[*0] using the
web interface, it can be done with the command-line interface.  So the
mechanism for such selection is there and it can't be that tricky to put
a web interface in front of it.

Then in the search results tickets with children can have links to
display all their child tickets (which are themselves suppressed from
the main display).

[*0]  I'm still on 2.0.13, so my comments are subject to anything I've
said having changed in the latest version.

> 	- ability to have multiple keywords as part of the queue listing

That just involves customizing the search results page, possibly
separately for each queue.

> 	- multiple views of queue, with different columns

That's doing the same as the above, but doing it differently many times
and giving them different URLs.

> has anyone taken a path like this?  It seems overly ambitious for me
> right now.

I haven't done much of any of the above yet.  If you want to dive in,
I'd suggest customizing the data you get in search results is probably
the easiest of those to make a start on.  Copy Search/Listing.html to
another name, then try changing things and see what happens.


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