[rt-users] Trying to fix a broken install of RT2.0.13

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Mon Jul 29 16:32:54 EDT 2002

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, RT2 Troubles wrote:

> > > Anyone want to mock my process and perhaps suggest a better method of

I'm surprised that no-one has picked up on this.  Would you prefer a
limerick, a sonnet or a haiku as the mocking delivery mechanism?  I'm
moderately proficient in all of these ;).

> If I could afford a support contract I would of bought a product that came
> with some paid support. I wasn't short-sighted when I installed RT, but I
> should of written down the mysql password instead of picking something
> "harmless" that I would soon forget.

Assuming that you have manipulate access to the directories that MySQL is
using for its database, you can reset the mysql root password by doing:

	shutdown mysql		( Make sure nothing attempts to use it
				  whilst following these instructions, as
				  their access will fail for a few moments )
	mv $datadir/mysql $datadir/mysqlold
				( MySQL stores databases in directories
				  named for the database.  Ergo, you can
				  shift the 'mysql' database (which
				  controls access) to be a different
				  database )
	mysql_install_db	( This installs a default password for root )
	start mysql		( Really make sure nothing tries to
				  connect to it )
	connect to mysql as root mysql user
				( password is now 'password' thanks to
				  mysql_install_db )
	copy select rows from database mysqlold to database mysql to
	restore normal access	( otherwise root can connect, but no-one
				  else can connect )
	reset root's password whilst in same session.
				( if you've copied all the rows over,
				  you've also copied root's old
				  (forgotten) password. )
	restart mysql		( and allow all those applications that
				  are just dying to get at MySQL start up
				  again )

The rest of it, as Rich said, requires incentive (ie, we really don't know
what you've done ).


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