[rt-users] changing domain

Rick Rezinas rick.rezinas at qsent.com
Mon Jul 29 19:43:36 EDT 2002

yeah, caught that.  Not my call on this one, just wondering if anyone
has experience with this, and what in particular to watch out for.  The
boss is already aware of the probably existing tickets problem, and has
deemed it acceptable loss (most of which will probably be my time ;)


On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Russ Johnson wrote:

> At 04:10 PM 7/29/2002 -0700, you wrote:
> >I have a recent installation of rt2 (live about 2 weeks).  One of my
> >instructions is to change the tagline from
> >[qsent.com #xxx ] to
> >
> >[ Qsent Request #xxx ]
> >
> >It looks like this is just a matter of changing $rtname
> >
> >What are the gotchas here, and workarounds?
> Did you see this, in etc/config.pm:
> # $rtname the string that RT will look for in mail messages to
> # figure out what ticket a new piece of mail belongs to
> # Your domain name is recommended, so as not to pollute the namespace.
> # once you start using a given tag, you should probably never change it.
> # (otherwise, mail for existing tickets won't get put in the right place
> $rtname="example.com";
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