[rt-users] Problems installing Request Tracker using Debian Linux

Crazy Diamond iypoon at mail.com
Wed Jul 31 17:00:44 EDT 2002


  This is my first time installing request tracker.  Anyway, i have Debian version 2.2 (stable version... not the newest stable version that came out a few days ago).  I'm also using postgres 7.1.3.

  Anyway, i've gone through the RT/FM RT Manual, and i've gotten to the point of "make install".  However, when i do that, i get the following error messages:

mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/bin
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/WebRT/data
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/WebRT/sessiondata
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/etc
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/lib
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/WebRT/html
mkdir -p //usr/local/rt2/local/WebRT/html
make: *** No rule to make target `initialize.PG', needed by `install'.  Stop.

Also, i don't know if this is a problem or not, but when i installed all the perl modules (first using CPAN, then realizing i could do it with apt-get install), i get the following when checking dependancies using 'make fixdeps':

Checking for DBD::Pg  ....DBD::Pg   not installed.Installing with CPAN...Going to read /root/.cpan/Metadata
DBD::Pg is up to date.

This is the only package that i get this with and everytime i do 'make fixdeps', it still gives me that one message (all other modules installed correctly).  Is it ok? It says it's accessing CPAN to get it every single time, but i don't know if it actually is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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