[rt-users] Login page after every action for server cluster

Jason Smith jhs at ece.utexas.edu
Tue Jul 9 14:25:39 EDT 2002


I installed RT for our site on a series of webservers that sit behind an
LVS cluster.  (LVS, Linux Virtual Server, is IP-level load-balancing
system.  Basically it transparently redirects requests to a cluster of
servers, for scalability and high-availability.)

Previously, this was fine.  There was one central database for each
server to use, and everything worked.  But today, after some reloading
and re-imaging the web servers (configuring mail stuff), now after most
actions, the login page shows up.  It's as if each server now needs its
own unique cookie, incompatible from the others (just my guess -- I'm
still learning RT).

Also, does this have anything to do with ticket #1380?  It is not slated
as broken in 2.0.14, but I see no mention of it in the Changelog in
2.0.14-pre.  But this ticket mentions cookies and transparent proxying.

Thanks much for any insight.

Jason Smith
Linux and Unix
University of Texas ECE-LRC, Austin
lynx -source http://www.ece.utexas.edu/~jhs/public_key.gpg | gpg --import
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