[rt-users] creating new tickets (RT2)

Asif Rashid Lakehsar A.Lakehsar at science-computing.de
Tue Jul 16 01:26:29 EDT 2002

I've just upgraded from RT-1.0 to RT-2-0-13.
I am using the most recent perl mods I could find.  back end is postgres
7.1.3.  perl is 5.6.1.

Everything seems to work until i try to submit a ticket. In the rt logfile I
get the following Error

WebRT:  ()RT::Ticket=HASH(0x8eb3638) ->Create couldn't set EffectiveId: No
value sent to _Set!

Any Ideas?

Asif Lakehsar,s+c ag; +49-(0)89-356386-33
mailto:A.Lakehsar at science-computing.de


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