[rt-users] Change owner of a ticket from other users

Ben Browning benb at theriver.com
Wed Sep 4 18:02:04 EDT 2002

At 11:24 AM 9/4/2002, Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski wrote:
>At 20:09 2002-09-04, Jörg Eichhorn wrote:
>>is it possible to give a user the right to change the owner of a ticket 
>>to someone else, when the user is not the current owner of the ticket ?
>You can make -> "steal" ticket and then reassing to somebody....

Alternately, on the search page one can select "Update all of these tickets 
at once", leave just the ticket in question checked, Change Owner and Force 

This is much easier with my tiny RT hack... a "Some of these tickets" option.

The condensed version of this hack is to copy the Bulk.html file to 
Some.html and then institute the following changes:

[root at requests Search]# diff Some.html Bulk.html
< <TD><input type=checkbox name="UpdateTicket<%$Ticket->Id%>"></TD>
 > <TD><input type=checkbox name="UpdateTicket<%$Ticket->Id%>" CHECKED></TD>

[root at requests Search]# grep -n some Listing.html
55:Update  [<a href="Some.html">some</a>/<a href="Bulk.html">all</a>]  of 
these tickets at once</a>


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