[rt-users] Change Log?

Mark Moorcroft mmoorcroft at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 4 21:24:20 EDT 2002

Is there a document somewhere that details the major differences 
between the release build and the 2.1.x branch? Now that I finally 
got 2.0.x mostly working I looked at 2.1.33 today. At first glance it 
looks very similar except for being much harder to read. Of course I 
only looked at it with IE so far.

Also, can anyone tell me how they have gone about integrating Jesse's 
report generation examples into their site?
Linked off one of the existing areas? As provided I have not looked 
at what authentication is required and if it falls under one of the 
existing authorization categories. Even as simple as it is, it may 
suite our needs for manager reports in the short term :-)



Mark Moorcroft
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