[rt-users] The Exchange Server <-> RT relationship.

James Satterfield JSatterfield at ciphergen.com
Mon Sep 9 17:08:19 EDT 2002

I'm sure I'm not the only one...

My primary email server here is Exchange 5.5. My rt machine lives at
rt.ciphergen.com. So I've setup "Custom Recipients" on my exchange server
for all my queues. This causes all internal mail sent to say ITSUPPORT to be
redirected to itsupport at rt.ciphergen.com. This custom recipient also
receives (and redirects to rt) mail to itsupport at ciphergen.com,
it_support at ciphergen.com, etc. My ITSUPPORT queue is setup to send mail as
From: it_support at ciphergen.com and it_support-commanets at ciphergen.com.

The problem is in the email my internal users receive from RT. The message
is sent back with a header of say "From: "Joe via RT"
<it_support at ciphergen.com>". I really like that "Joe via RT" part, tho I
think it should be "Joe via $QueueName" or some such thing rather then the
shameless RT plug. =)
Back to the problem. Outlook takes a look at the From: header and sees the
email address of it_support at ciphergen.com. Outlook being such a smart mail
client checks the Global Address List and finds this address associated with
my ITSUPPORT custom recipient. So it then displays From: ITSUPPORT rather
then From: Joe via RT.

James Satterfield

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