[rt-users] Segmentation Fault revisited

Rehan van der Merwe rehan at nha.co.za
Tue Sep 10 09:46:56 EDT 2002


The Segmentation Fault seems to be fixed on RH7.3 ...

I experienced the much documented Segmentation Fault and fixed it on my Red Hat 7.1 & 7.2 installations by installing Apache from source with static mod_perl.

I just did a clean installation of Red Hat 7.3 with the dynamic mod_perl & apache from the RPMs and have not noticed any segmentation faults.

I also did my Perl Module installation with "make fixdeps" and failing that, "perl -MCPAN ..." (if that could make any difference re. dependencies etc.)

Before reverting to standard RPM-apache on my live system I just want to verify on the list:

Has anyone else had problems on Red Hat 7.3, or is this problem actually fixed? 

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