[rt-users] Up and running - a workflow question

Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
Tue Sep 10 10:04:56 EDT 2002

I did get running, and RT is impressive, if complex.
As I stumble around and occasionally RTFM, I have one question.

I'd like to implement a CRM type application as well as the ticket
system, using RT if possible. The workflow would be this:

Potential Customer submits request for information etc from a form on a
website (no login required)

Email becomes ticket in system, different forms submit to different

Ticket is assigned to staff member or taken by staff member
Ticket is answered by staff member

All replies by staff member and responses from customer are available
through the history of the ticket.

Staff have template replies available to them when replying.

I'd love to have input from experienced users of RT on implementing this
type of system.

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