[rt-users] RT2 on Zeus web server

Swayne, Mark A mark.a.swayne at xo.com
Tue Sep 10 20:39:27 EDT 2002

Can you use FastCGI with Zeus?  If so you should be in good shape.  If not,
read on:

RT requires mason.  Mason is generally used with mod_perl.  However it is
possible to use Mason in other environments.  I have Mason working on a low
traffic site running as a pure CGI.

Mason needs to have various objects configured loaded into memory which is
achieved in one of two ways.  The most common way is to use Apache
configuration directives.  The other way is to create a 'handler.pl' file
(which doesn't really need to be named handler.pl).  This file is a perl
script that initializes the mason objects (and can do anything else that you
would do in a perl script).  RT uses a handler.pl file to load Mason.  The
mod_perl file is called web_mux.pl, I don't recall what the fcgi handler.pl
is called.  If you can't use FCGI with zeus, you should be able to modify
the handler.pl to work.  You might try asking for help on the Mason users
list.  Go to www.masonhq.com for more info.

Good luck,


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I have a test Zeus web server running on FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE. Will RT2 run on
this platform? I believe RT2 needs mod_perl to run but is it possible to run
it without mod_perl?

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