[rt-users] Can I realize my wishes?

Rob W.W. Hooft rob.hooft at bruker-nonius.com
Fri Sep 13 02:31:51 EDT 2002

I recently started to use RT to keep track of the development work in 
our group. There are a few configuration changes I'd like to make if 
possible to make work in this setting easier:

  * To have the most important information in a ticket displayed on a
    page without scrolling the web browser, I'd like to change the layout
    to show first the basics, and then the history in most-recent-first
    order. The rest should be shown below the history.

  * Since we are dealing with long-lasting projects, the default time
    unit of "minutes" is too short. Is it possible to get a queue to
    represent another unit like hours or days (where a day obviously is
    8 hours) or weeks (5 days....). Having these floating point numbers
    would make it possible to represent a half-hour project as well.

Any help to this novice is appreciated.


Rob W.W. Hooft <rob.hooft at bruker-nonius.com>
R&D, Bruker Nonius BV, Delft

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