[rt-users] restoring privileges to rt root user?

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 13 15:30:30 EDT 2002

It's too late for comments on this to be of any use in my situation - I've
already done 
'make dropdb' 
'make install'

But if someone else can profit from this, or if it comes in handy in future,
that'd be great.

I added 20-odd users, setup 5 queues, and just to clean up the 'users' list to
nothing but staff users, disabled the rt root user in the user configuration
page. [deslected 'allow this user to access RT'].

The bad news is that I did this BEFORE I'd given any of the NEW users any of
the SuperUser privileges.

The good news is that there were no real tickets to speak of yet...

Is there a gentler way to restore RT root users privilege than 'dropdb'
'install'? :-)

I would have to imagine there's a record in the MySQL backend that one could
manipulate via the CLI that would do this quite easily - if one knew where to

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