[rt-users] Deleting Users and Groups

Mark E. Dawson, Jr. medawsonjr at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 17:55:35 EDT 2002

> MED> That's what constraints are for, like 'on
> delete
> MED> cascade' or triggers.  I guess not the RT guys
> have
> MED> decided that not too many people would want
> that,
> MED> and so didn't place it in the product.
> And that assumes your "database" has RI constraints.
>   MySQL does
> not.  Postgres does, but that's not the primary
> development db for RT.

No.  MySQL *does* have RI constraints -- more spec-
ifically, it contains the foreign key constraints
with 'on delete cascade' that I mentioned.

However, as I stated above, the developers may have
decided that this was a function that most people
wouldn't need, and so left it out.  But it still
could be done.

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