[rt-users] Autoreply by nobody [Solution]

Kirill Miazine lists at krot.org
Mon Sep 16 06:21:08 EDT 2002

* Nicolas Mailhot [2002-09-16 12:14]:
> Hi,
> 	For those interested here is the solution I finaly come up with :
> if ($RT::MailCommand eq 'sendmailpipe') {
> open (MAIL, "|$RT::SendmailPath -f $RT::OwnerEmail
                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <- make sure this
                                                        doesn't contain
                                                        evil characters
> $RT::SendmailArguments") || return(0);
> print MAIL $MIMEObj->as_string;
> close(MAIL);
> }
> You must change both SendEmail.pm and Email.pm to make it work (took me
> a *lot* of time to figure why my changes didn't have any effect:).

You only spoke about autoresponding to new tickets if I remember
correctly. Action/SendEmail.pm is not used at that time.

> It seems to work cleanly (at least with sendmail, not sendmailpipe).
> Moreover I think this should be the default behaviour, OwnerEmail is
> really the one that should be in the enveloppe. 

IMHO the default behaviour should be using SMTP and avoid command line
arguments entirely.


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