[rt-users] Bad query?

Jon Hittner jhittner at vmsinfo.com
Thu Sep 19 18:25:54 EDT 2002

   There where a few other procs, all small select statements and update 
statements, and all in a "locked" state.  I don't want to have to upgrade to 
Oracle for a problem that only happens every few weeks.  For the most part 
the system is very fast.   If there any way to isolate this query and remove 
the ability for rt to do perform it?


On Thursday 19 September 2002 06:12 pm, Mark E. Dawson, Jr. wrote:
> > Hi,
> >    Im running rt 2.0.9.   About once every 2 weeks
> > the system seems to lock up.   When I do a show full
> > processlist I see the query that is causing the
> > problem:
> I'm more interested in what else showed up in the
> show full proc listing.  Was this the *only* entry,
> or were there others?
> I used to have a heck of a problem with MySQL's
> default locking granularity (which is table-level)
> with a number of different apps.  Readers and writers
> blocking each other at that coarse a granularity
> will kill you.
> Try using InnoDB or BDB tables instead within the
> database, if you in fact find this to be your issue.
> Otherwise, migrate to another database like Oracle.
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