[rt-users] Only allowing valid users to create tickets

Bradley Marshall bmarshal at PIsoftware.com
Fri Sep 20 01:08:15 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I've just installed rt2 after being a rt1 user for ages, and must
say its great - there's heaps of good functionality there, and
looks like a great upgrade.  The Debian package made the install
fairly painless.

What I want to do is setup a new system that only allows valid
users to create tickets, and sends an autoresponse back to everyone
else explaining how to create an account.  I'll probably stick
spamassassin or something similar in front of it to cut down on
the spam, so I don't end up replying to spammers.

So, the question is how do I go about this?  The permissions on the
everybody group are fairly obvious in this case, just don't let them
create anything, but I can't see how intercept the respond to the
user when they get a permission denied.   Perhaps another way to
get similar functionality would be to somehow filter these unknown
users into their own queue, to be dealt with in a different manner.

I'm happy to write a scrip for this functionality if it is the
best way.  Has someone already done something similar to this?

Just for completeness, I'm running rt2 2.0.13 (backported package
from sarge) under apache 1.3.26 on Debian 3.0, with a postgresql
7.2.1 backend.

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