[rt-users] Automatic resolve on e-mail

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Mon Sep 23 20:03:54 EDT 2002

M B Norton wrote:
> I've been slowly working on this and sure enough the WebUI does something 
> beyond simply calling TicketObj->Resolve. The scrip action succeeds in
> marking the ticket as resolved but it's then opened again immediately.
> Looking at the the ticket history I see:
> RT_System - Status changed from open to resolved 
> RT_System - Status changed from resolved to open 

Replace this line in webrt/Ticket/Update.html

DefaultStatus = $Ticket->Status() unless ($DefaultStatus);

with something like

unless ($DefaultStatus) {
       $DefaultStatus = $Ticket->Status();
       if ($DefaultStatus eq "open" && $Action eq "Respond") {
               $DefaultStatus= "resolved";

which will make the "Status" dropdown on the correspondence page
default to "resolved" if the ticket is open.

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